Report of the 2nd Meeting of TAlking in Rethymno-Crete (GR) ITA

On 3 and 4 March the second meeting of the partners of the European project “Talking” was held in Rethymno.
The partners were welcomed by colleagues from EELI with warm hospitality.
The start of the meeting consisted of a learning session on SCTA especially on reading relational processes among immigrant adult teachers and students analyzed according to quadrants. Starting from a difficult situation presented by trainer Chrissy Kandouraki, all the colleagues passionately participated in the understanding of the model.
After this, our Greek colleagues shared information received from everyone about good European learning practices with immigrant students. Exchange and reflection was rich and engaging.
Then we moved on to look at how to set up the focus group to be held between April and May. We discussed which training contents to ask for feedback on, and how to organize focus groups both of teachers and of immigrant students that will be conducted in five schools of training.
IFREP participated by proposing specific questions to collect the needs and difficulties faced by both trainers and students.
Colleagues from MBM started sharing ideas on the design of the IT platform on which our Greek colleagues proposed a questionnaire to gather the needs to be offered to trainers.
Then the dissemination plan and monitoring, making clear the difficulties and common strategies that can facilitate the work inside and outside the partnership.
The two days were concluded in a serene and convivial climate tasting typical Greek dishes.
Silvia e Rosanna

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