On 27-28 October 2016 met for the first time in Rome the Partners of the TALKING project.

The project stems from the trainers of young immigrants of various European associations to receive specific support to implement training projects that take into account the emotional hardships that immigrants have and enter the training projects for inclusion in the new territories. The project supported by the European Community provides for the construction within the partnership of a training model / psychological to support educators in their work. The Socio-cognitive Transactional Analysis (SCTA) is the main model on which the various co-partners will build a training model in which the reading of the relational and intrapsychic processes will be oriented to create relationships (intra and interpersonal) of well-being.

Along with IFREP (Italy) are involved in the project:

The provincial center of adult education CPIA3 (Italy) is the leader of the project;

Ro.Ma. consortium (Italy), is an institution of vocational education and training and business advisory organization;

EELI (Greece) offers services in a wide range of community programmes aiming to actively contribute to the lifelong learning of people of all ages;

MBM Training and Development Center`s (England) mission is to improve the vocational and leadership skills levels of the students and workforce in our community;

The IMPEFE Institute (Spain) was established to contribute to the socio-economic balance of Ciudad Real and the economic and social development;

RIC Novo mesto, Razvojno izobrazevalni center (Slovenia) is of the leading adult education organisations in Slovenia with more than 50 years of experience in working with adults.

Talking – ENG   Rome, November 27, 2016   Rome, February 13, 2017   Rethymno-Crete (GR), March 3-4, 2017   Liverpool (UK), June 8-9, 2017   Bologna, June 17, 2017