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We completed the first project phase. All partners, coordinated and led at this stage by IFREP, they shared the methodology of Socio-cognitive Transactional Analysis (SCTA), which will be the basis of the training program for teachers involved in the education of adult immigrants.
The SCTA is used to “read” and intervene in interpersonal level with respect based on the meeting mode and orient to build health in the report. The partners have experienced this methodology reflecting on situations of good interaction and ineffective drawn from their daily practice interaction.
The Guidelines developed by collecting this work are compiled by IFREP and will soon be published on the portal to which all trainers will be able to sign up for free to review the materials produced.
Currently the partners, coordinated by greek group EELI, are engaged in the search for publications on best practices for teaching update to adults.
The next meetings are on 4 and 5 March in Rethymno, Greece, where we will meet our partners for the second meeting.
In Bologna on June 17-18 we will be present as IFREP the National Congress of the CNCP to talk to the counselor, from different perspectives, but contiguous, on issues of common interest.
In Berlin July 27 to 29 we will be in Berlin to attend the World Conference of Transactional Analysts organized by EATA, entitled “Boundaries. … A Place To meet … To Develop … To Define Identity” and present as Ifrep a workshops on Talking Project.

See you soon

Talking – ENG   Rome, October 27-28, 2016   Rome, November 27, 2016   Rethymno-Crete (GR), March 3-4, 2017   Liverpool (UK), June 8-9, 2017   Bologna, June 17, 2017