06_Bologna 24 giugno 2017


TAlking project and the social inclusionITA

 On June 17, we witnessed the experience of the TAlking project at the National Congress of the National Coordinating Counselor Professionals (CNCP) entitled “Active Citizenship and Social Inclusion“.

It was a precious cultural and scientific exchange to open our experience outside and receive valuable stimuli on the “products” that we are building in our international/intercultural “forge”.

Participation was a valuable opportunity to offer and receive stimuli on social inclusion, a goal that TAlking pursues through a better quality of teaching.

Next stage is the precious opportunity for international exchange: in the space of a workshop we will be confronting our fellow analysts in the framework of the World Conference for Transactional Analysis, which will take place in Berlin from 27 to 29 July.

See you soon.

Mariella Rizzi


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