3rd Meeting of the Talking project ITA

The 8-9 June met the project consortium Talking to Liverpool.
The Group met to analyse and discuss the steps to proceed with the implementation of project products 2. On content partners exchanged ideas on how to participate in a joint implementation based on Transactional Analysis social-cognitive. After a new formative moment shared by the teachers of IFREP for all was more clear how provide examples and situations specific problems to read the behaviors in the classroom and stimulate change.
All partners have commented on the website designed by MBM suggesting modifications and changes. The same was done on the platform for the community that will be formed among the stakeholders concerned to use and share the products of the project.
The partners have shared the newsletters, i bookmarked and the draft brochure.
Everyone is involved in the construction of the project Talking and in the growth process of the working group.

Talking – ENG   Rome, October 27-28, 2016   Rome, November 27, 2016   Rome, February 13, 2017   Rethymno-Crete (GR), March 3-4, 2017   Bologna, June 17, 2017